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Optional functionality and dependencies


Please see Aubit 4gl DocumentationAubit page for additional documentation and architecture diagram, that will show you how this all fit together.

Depending on your needs for functionality, you will need some or all third-party software and/or libraries listed here present on your system. First, check if you have them, and if they are compatible version. You can run "configure" script to see what it will report, in both binary an source files distributions. And if you don't have them, but you want the functionality, follow links provided, and install them according to there installation instructions. See manual and README.txt for more information.

To activate correctly installed functionality based on external libraries or programs, after they are installed, it should be sufficient to re-run "configure" script, and in case of source code distribution recompile source code and re-install. You can, of course, always edit configuration files manually, if you prefer.

Note: If you want minimum hassle, we found that Red Hat 7.2 contains all dependencies for Aubit 4gl out of the box, on one CD, all in RPM automatic installs (It does NOT have PDFlib, since it is commercial product - OpenSource, but you will need to pay fee if you use it) It has unixODBC with GUI configuration tools, PostgreSQL with nice GUI tools, and all worked immediately for me. So if you have choice of operating systems, this is our recommended platform.

If you have RPM, or other package manager based system (DEB, etc), easiest way to check for existing dependencies (if "configure" cannot find them but you know you have them) is to query that system. Of course, if dependencies where installed using them. Otherwise, try running "configure" script, and see what it will report (note: it will NOT find anything that is installed in non-standard locations - you can still use it by manually specifying the location to "configure" script, but you will have to find this location on your own.)

Created by: fortiz last modification: Wednesday 20 of July, 2005 [18:49:18 UTC] by fortiz

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