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    Welcome to Aubit Project

    "Aubit 4GL project" is an OpenSource project to make free, GNU/GPL, Informix-4GL and x4GL compatible development tools (compiler, tools, libraries). It continues to extend functionality and tools needed to write most efficient, stabile and productive Business Related, Database Oriented (BRDO) applications.

    "Aubit 4GL compiler" is software that translates x4GL programming language into executable programs, enabling fast and productive creation of BRDO applications utilizing x4GL programming language. Features include embedded SQL and 3GL programming languages, connectivity to many relational databases, character/GUI/web-based user interfaces, multi-format reports generation, and many other advanced development options.

    Project Mission

    One of the crucial prerequisites to enter corporate IT space, for any platform, is availability of BRDO applications. They depend on availability of commercial grade databases, and programming tools needed to develop applications themselves.

    OpenSource software in general made a big progress in that direction, but OpenSource tools required to write this kind of applications productively, are still in short supply. In traditional corporate IT space, Fourth Generation Languages (4GLs) are important part of IT infrastructure, and low-level programming languages, including Third Generation Languages like C or Java, are still a long way from productivity and maintainability required for daily changing business need. But there are very few, if any, OpenSource Fourth Generation Languages available. Aubit 4gl compiler, and Aubit Project attempt to fill this gap.

    Aubit 4gl project is much more then just about developing Aubit 4gl compiler. Today, Aubit 4gl project hosts and develops several x4gl related tools, that can be useful to 4gl developers, even if they don't use Aubit 4gl compiler, for example:

    • Doc4GL - advanced set of tools for automatic creation of documentation for both 4GL applications source code and database meta-data
    • LIB4GL (AKA "Power-4gl") cross-compiler library of general 4gl code functions.
    • FGLGEN and FGLBLD 4gl application generators/CASE tools.
    • Cross-compiler x4GL language reference documentation manual.
    • AMAKE Cross-compiler make tools for compiling x4gl applications with any x4GL compatible compiler
    • Number of x4GL utilities usable with any x4gl compatible compiler (asql, IDE, adbschema...)
    • Development environment scripts and extensions for use with several programmers text editors and IDEs (GWD, JEdit,...)

    Our ultimate goal is to provide complete set of x4GL development tools, documentation and libraries under OpenSource development model, and GNU/GPL license. As we are passionate about productivity, we promote x4GL language as past, present, and the future of BRDO application development. If you are developer using ANY x4GL compiler, or are a BRDO application developer seeking high productivity tools, Aubit 4gl project is a place to be.

    You can find more information about all components of Aubit Project in our Wiki Home Page

    This project is hosted by:

    This project is hosted by SourceForge
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