Aubit 4GL features summary

General benefits

It is an GNU, GPL, OpenSource project

Yes, it will cost you nothing, but there are much more important implications that this, in out view. It's feature does not depend on anyone but you. To find out more about implications of this feature, please see and .

It has commercial support provider

Available as option, this will guaranty you can use Aubit 4gl in business-critical situations with confidence, and bring together best from both worlds. To learn more, please visit .

Based on robust, mature, stabile, efficient and productive language

x4GL is dedicated to writing business related, database oriented applications, and this is what it does, in our opinion, best in the world. It is easy to learn, implement, and maintain. And most of all, it is at least 3 times more productive in all aspect of software lifecycle compared to third generation languages like C, and at least two times compared to best component development environments.

It's FAST!

Full n tire deployment, native C code generation compiled by optimized C compilers bring together advantages of high, human-like development language, and low, machine-level runtime execution performance. Not to mention you can interpolate C code directly in 4gl code!

It's compatible with number of commercial products

Giving you the option to mix and match features and environments based on particular situation. You will never again be locked in one compiler, one company or one database. You can develop wit commercial product, deploy with a4gl and save on runtime licensing, at the same time gaining the speed of C compiled runtime. Or you can use 4gl Wizard functionality and templates in development, and deploy using commercial runtime that supports client side functionality that is not present in Aubit 4gl at the moment

Database, OS and platform and user interface independent

ODBC means choosing database is no longer the issue. And you can develop and deploy wherever GCC compiler is available with single recompile. And because of full n-tire support, you can use CUI, GUI and Web interfaces from same code, and same compiled program, at the same time.

It already has big developers base, and big existing applications base

This is not a new language, just a new implementation of mature and successful language. So you will not need to look hard to find developers for your projects. And since 4gl is English-like in syntax, programmers with experience in any language will be productive in just few days. On top of that, you will not need to look far to find commercial, tried and tested applications in any field of business oriented database applications.

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Extended syntax and functionality benefits

Please see appropriate sections of "A4GL enhancements to standard x4GL language for details of all features and syntax.

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